Movie Release: Islamophobia

November 10, 2018 in the USA

The release date of "Islamophobia" is November 10, 2018 in US movie theatres. The movie is produced by Omer Sarikaya. Starring: Daniel Curtis Lee, Fahim Fazli, Essam Ferris and Mike Mitchell. Film genre: Drama. Produced in Germany. The runtime is 120 minutes. MPAA Rating: N/A.

Plot Summary by "When the war in Bosnia started in 1984, Kaplan was only 3 years old. His Christian father disappeared and shortly after, Kaplan and his Muslim mother emigrated to Rotterdam to start a new life. As a teenager in an identity crisis, often faced with discrimination and racism, Kaplan eventually converts to Islam. His search for more information about the religion and due to some of his new friends, Kaplan finds himself on the CIA blacklist marked as dangerous. From that moment on, his life was never going to be the same again.".

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Saturday, the 10th of November 2018
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